new edmin

if u like to be admin u have to say in RULES :
1- u have to tagge in every pics noah//emiley so no one can copy it 
2- u have to be good engilsh and be nice to ppl
3- u have to like post every pics u see 
4- u have to do what i say like {can u find the pics } 
5- if u whant to be the edmin u cant just post like for month then dont post 
no u have post 4ever
cozif u whant to be edmin u have to be 4 ever not just for months . year no 4ever becouse the blog need hard worck :)
if u wanna be im ready to u to be come a nice admin and i will thx u :) 

and if u mack all the5 rules ur exam will be 
1- fine 1 new pics for noah and tagge it 
that the exam :) 

 say in chat box :) comment thx :)