Monday, December 23, 2013

Noah Cyrus Shaves A Pink Diamond In Her Hair — Love or Loathe? Vote + news

Noah Cyrus is like Rihanna — shining bright like a diamond! Going from a little girl to edgy teenager, the 13-year-old is definitely going through a lot of changes. Tell us what you think of the of her new look below!

Noah Cyrus, 13, recently posted a photo of a pink diamond shaved in her hair. In August, she had soft, honey blonde waves. In December, she tweeted –then deleted — a picture of her jet black hair with a shaved pink diamond! Noah has really undergone a transformation. We can’t help but think this very daring look is stemmed from Noah’s desire to be more like her sister, Miley Cyrus. Do you love it or do you think it is too crazy?

Noah Cyrus: Pink Diamond Hair — Shaves Her Head Like Miley

While Noah claims she is trying to be her own person, it is understandable that younger siblings often look up to their older sibling. Is Noah being misguided by Miley? Noah is testing out a grungy look that separates her from her peers.
What do you think of Noah's diamond?

A Cry For Attention?

Although the pink diamond is original, what statement is Noah trying to make? The partially shaved head may be inspired by the same stages of Miley’s shaved head, but is the pink diamond taking the look too far? In Noah’s attempt to be herself, is she actually turning into someone else?
Being a younger sibling to a famous celebrity like Miley must be a struggle — is this Noah’s cry for attention? Or do you think Noah is just a trendy 13-year-old establishing her look? Tell us what you think, HollywoodLifers!
– Joanna Hein

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